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Dear Customers and Visitors! Welcome to the webpage of TBG TISZA BETON Kft.!

The primary requirement of our activities we want to fulfil: manufacturing and delivery by the deadline, with quality and quantitative guarantees.

TBG TISZA BETON Kft. produces concrete with 2 pcs completely automatic, computer controlled mixers in its company seat in Tiszaújváros. Our plant in Tiszaújváros is located in the premises of MOL Petrolkémia Zrt.
A new heatable, automatic concrete mixer with 80 m3/hour capacity and series concrete batching/dosage is available since year 2018 for the execution works of priority projects requiring large amounts of materials. By heating the admixture and water for mixing concrete at appropriate temperature can be produced in our mixing plant adapted for winter use.

The ELBA EMC 45 type concrete plant, installed earlier, is a compulsory mixer with horizontal axis and 25-30 m3/hour capacity. It was designed for the output of 0.75 m3 solid concrete mixture in one mixing cycle and besides production it also functions as our own spare plant.

Concrete manufacturing is primarily based on our own concrete recipes. The independent, accredited concrete technology laboratory is responsible for the compliance of the concrete composition; the company possesses professional permissions and more than 20 years’ experience.
It is possible to manufacture concrete the composition of which is specified by the customer, to have the concrete designed that suits the customer’s demands and manufacturing concrete for which the recipe was provided by the designer.

All of our technical employees responsible for concrete manufacturing have several years of experience in the field of concrete manufacturing. In order to develop knowledge related to concrete manufacturing we organize training for our employees at regular intervals.

Competition requires that companies manufacturing semi-finished and finished products establish long-term, permanent and fair partner relations with the raw material suppliers. Our company also strived for developing reliable and fair partnerships. It can be said that we have developed good business relations both with companies selling admixtures and manufacturing cement and with companies distributing chemicals.
When preparing the mixture good quality, washed, sorted sand and gravel as well as cements meeting the requirements of the Hungarian Standard are used.
For preparing the concrete mixture our plant uses only admixtures that have been preliminarily analysed and classified by our internal test laboratory.

We carry out factory production control according to standard MSZ 4798-1:2004 chapter 9 (pursuant to the relevant regulations); this is verified by the certificate issued by CEMKUT Kft. upon periodic inspections. The external inspection and certification of production control and examinations is carried out annually. From the autumn of 2018 the classification of the plant will take place according to standard MSZ 4798:2016.
In order to ensure continuous good quality our company operates a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Our goal is to provide our partners with adequate service. We count on your interest and are at your disposal with pleasure!

Best regards,
The management of TBG TISZA BETON Kft.