Ferro-concrete Base and Road Network

Tiszaújváros, APS S.p.A. - 2017-2018. (18.000 m3)

Cultural center and sports center

Hejőpapi, Cultural center and sports center; we created substructure and we made sidewalls casting concrete - 2017. (500 m3)

Water softening plant

Tiszaújváros, MOL MPK Zrt., Water softening plant; Building ferro-concrete substrucure and Square concrete – 2017. (350 m3)

Renovation of Árpád Road

Tiszaújváros, FK-Raszter Zrt., Renovation of Árpád Road; Roadbed and square concrete – 2017. (1.700 m3)

Tiszatarján Kincse - Store

Tiszatarján, Tiszatarján Kincse – Store; Building substructure and Square concrete – 2016.-2017. (400 m3)

Jabil factory hall

2013. 11. Polgár, Jabil factory hall, Pallér

Landfill of Hejőpapi

2015.10. Hejőpapi, Landfill of Hejőpapi, Keviép

Jabil factory hall 2

2015. 10. Polgár, Jabil factory hall 2, Pallér

Robot park

2015.1 0. Polgár, Robot park, Querzum